Friday, February 17, 2012

Governor's Conference is almost here!

The 45th annual Governor’s Conference on Emergency Management and Homeland Security is just around the corner.  This conference has some fantastic speakers with a variety that should reach out to many disciplines and various partner agencies.

The Governor’s Conference Committee is comprised of state and local emergency management personnel.  The group has worked diligently to ensure top-notch presenters that have important real world experiences such as the Joplin Tornado to discuss.  Also, Jeff Skiles, the first officer of the US Airways flight who helped land his plane safely in the Hudson River will present at the conference. The committee also has some captivating break out sessions planned that will cover a variety of topics pertinent to responders and those involved with disaster preparedness, response and recovery. 

This year we are particularly excited to have attendees register through the new Wisconsin Training Portal:   So far the portal is working nicely and we are very happy.  There have been few hiccups but those can be worked out by calling David Nunley at 608-242-3213.  Registration is filling up fast and the conference is nearly half full!  The block of rooms has been released to the public so it is strongly encouraged that those interested register asap to make sure they get in and also get a room.  For those persons who do register and attend the conference they will also be receiving a very nice mystery gift! 

It will be a great time of fellowship with other emergency managers and support agencies.  It is the relationships built before a disaster that will make us more efficient when responding and recovering from a disaster!

David Nunley, MPA
Training Section Program Supervisor
Wisconsin Emergency Management